Work Health & Safety at Mascot Steel

Mascot Steel clearly recognises the importance of providing all workers and persons who may be affected by the operation of the organisation, with a safe and healthy environment. Mascot Steel has a legal and moral obligation to provide a safe workplace, as far as is reasonably practicable; and implement safe systems of work for all workers, contractors and other persons visiting the Mascot Steel sites.

To achieve this, Mascot Steel has adopted a risk management approach, including:

  • Hazards and risks to health, safety and welfare are identified, assessed and where they cannot be eliminated are effectively controlled.
  • Development and implementation of applicable safe systems of work that will assist managers, workers and contractors to carry out their work safely and contribute to the health, safety and welfare of all persons in the workplace.
  • Workers will be consulted and participate in the decision-making process on health, safety and welfare matters which directly affect their health and safety at work, and
  • Workers will be provided with the appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to carry out their role and responsibilities in a safe manner.
  • Every worker, contractor, or visitor has a legal obligation to look after their own health and safety and the safety of those who may be affected by their acts and omissions.

Mascot Steel Vision & Values

At Mascot Steel our vision is to provide our customers with quality, convenience and outstanding customer service.

Our core values are what drives our vision.  Our core values are:

  • Integrity – we aim to deliver what we promise on quality and customer experience every time
  • Family – we are a family owned and run organisation which is reflected in flexible workplace practices and family values
  • Diversity – we value diversity and inclusion which is reflected a profound respect for different backgrounds and experiences of our customers, teams and colleagues at all levels


Our core values, as stated above, apply not only to the way we treat our customers.  These values are also reflected in the way we treat our workmates.

It is important that all staff and contractors act in a manner that is ethical and fair to workmates, customers, suppliers, and the organisation.  It is the responsibility of every individual to act with integrity in the workplace.