Concrete Reinforcing

Concrete Reinforcing by Mascot Steel

Mascot Steel Fabrication stocks a huge range of steel. From Angle to Zinc Anneal Sheet, we have everything you need to work with steel.

Mascot Steel are a leading distributor of concrete reinforcing supply products to construction companies, builders and individuals in Australia. Our extensive range includes reinforcing bars, reinforced steel bars, reinforced steel beams and reo bar; all of which are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure exceptional results.

Providing the Construction Industry with Quality Concrete Reinforcing Products Since 1978

Steel reo bars and mesh products will increase the tensile strength of your concrete structure, whilst also reducing the risk of cracking. We stock reo bars in a wide range of sizes, from 10mm through to 32mm. For long term durability and reduced risk of premature rust and corrosion, we also offer galvanized reo bar in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm.

Steel reinforcing bar is most commonly used in residential and commercial construction, as well as large scale infrastructure projects involving concrete slabs, prefabricated beams, columns and more. Whether you’re looking to build a new driveway or commence a major road, bridge, residential development or civil project; rest assured we have your needs covered. We work in close collaboration with you in order to meet tight schedules and exacting requirements, helping you achieve the best value for money and successful project outcomes. With dedicated service and a commitment to quality, Mascot Steel have developed a formidable reputation as one of Australia’s top reo bar suppliers to the construction industry.

Slab Mesh, Trench Mesh, Ute Mesh and Ligatures – Stirrups

Reinforcing mesh is easily distinguished by its rectangular/square grid pattern, and its flat, sheet style construction means it is easy to store. It is ideal for adding tensile strength to your structural concrete and will also help to prevent cracks. Mascot Steel carry reinforcing mesh in a range of sizes and specifications to suit all projects, and we stock reinforcing mesh in accordance with Australian Standards guidelines.

Trench mesh is used to reinforce concrete footings and beams in a range of residential and industrial buildings.

Slab Mesh is considered a general-purpose mesh, and it can be used to reinforce any flat concrete element. Most commonly, it is used in floor slabs and walls.

Ute Mesh is most commonly used in applications involving foot and wheeled traffic, such as driveways, footpaths and pavement.

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