Universal Beams – Standard I Beam Sizes

Universal Beam is a structural beam used for support in construction. Popular sizes include: 150 ub 18, 200 ub 18, 200 ub 22, 200 ub 25, 250 ub 26, 250 ub, 250 ub 37, 310 ub 32, 310 ub 40, 310 ub 46.

Structural steel comes in various standard lengths and is used for a variety of construction settings including:

• Residential construction

• Non residential construction

• Transport and mining infrastructure

• Engineering construction

• Manufacturing

Call us to get a quote or get a quote online here. Similarly, contact us for standard i beam sizes and prices. For 250 ub dimensions and more universal beams ub, check out the datasheet.

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10m, 6m, 8m

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150mm X 14.0kg/m, 150mm X 18.0kg/m, 180mm X 16.1kg/m, 180mm X 18.1kg/m, 180mm X 22.2kg/m, 200mm X 18.2kg/m, 200mm X 22.3kg/m, 200mm X 25.4kg/m, 200mm X 29.8kg/m, 250mm X 25.7kg/m, 250mm X 31.4kg/m, 250mm X 37.3kg/m, 310mm X 32.0kg/m, 310mm X 40.4kg/m, 310mm X 46.2kg/m, 360mm X 44.7kg/m, 360mm X 50.7kg/m, 360mm X 56.7kg/m, 410mm X 53.7kg/m, 410mm X 59.7kg/m, 460mm X 67.1kg/m, 460mm X 74.6kg/m, 460mm X 82.1kg/m, 530mm X 82.0kg/m, 530mm X 92.4kg/m, 610mm X 101.0kg/m, 610mm X 113.0kg/m, 610mm X 125.0kg/m


Structural Steel