Flat Bars are widely used in construction and infrastructure projects. Mascot Steel has a range of flat bars in different sizes on request.
Flat bar is used for a variety of construction settings including:
• Residential construction
• Non-residential construction
• Transport and mining infrastructure
• Engineering construction
• Manufacturing

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10m, 6m, 8m


Merchant Bar

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10 X 3mm ROUND EDGE, 13 X 3mm ROUND EDGE, 13 X 5mm ROUND EDGE, 13 X 6mm ROUND EDGE, 16 X 3mm ROUND EDGE, 16 X 5mm ROUND EDGE, 16 X 8mm ROUND EDGE, 20 X 10mm, 20 X 3mm, 20 X 5mm, 20 X 6mm, 25 X 10mm, 25 X 12mm, 25 X 3mm, 25 X 5mm, 25 X 6mm, 25 X 8mm, 32 X 10mm, 32 X 12mm, 32 X 3mm, 32 X 5mm, 32 X 6mm, 32 X 8mm