Why work with an Australian steel fabricator?

By superadmin on February 14, 2019 in Blog

The market for steel is highly competitive, and it is produced all around the world. You may already be aware that countries such as China are now the largest producers of steel in the world, and with volumes as high as 66.9 million metric tons per year, it should come as no surprise that the price of some international steel is often lower than domestic steel. It is important however to consider the qualitative and economic implications of purchasing overseas steel, and in this blog post we’ll be explaining why we believe Australian steel to be a vastly superior product.

The Case for Quality

Whether you are working on a commercial or residential construction project, the long-term safety and longevity of the finished structure is a crucial consideration. With large amounts of fabricated overseas steel starting to flood the market, quality experts have raised some serious safety concerns.

Whilst you may save some money by choosing to deal with an offshore fabricator, you also run the risk of receiving an incorrectly specified or unsafe product. International fabricators do not have knowledge of applicable Australian Standards, and they may be using outdated processing technologies which diminish the strength or finish of steel. In turn, this will negatively affect the structural integrity and aesthetic appearance of your project.

Put simply, overseas fabricated steel is simply not worth the risk.  Mascot Steel is an Australian owned and operated business, and we are the largest in-house stockist and steel processing company in South Sydney. With strict quality guidelines, 40+ years’ experience and a comprehensive understanding of steel, we are a safe and reliable choice for all your steel fabrication needs. Unlike offshore fabricators, we can provide:

  • Fabrication services for any project with all steel produced according to Australian Standards. We help engineers, architects and owner-builders achieve their goals with our rolling, bending, cutting, welding, folding and plasma/profile cutting services.
  • Dedicated Service – Deal with a professional team based in Australia. We are renowned for our exceptional customer service and unwavering commitment to quality.
  • Knowledge and Skill – Our team have specialist knowledge and have produced steel for industry, trade and DIY.
  • Cutting Edge Technology – We invest in the latest machinery to improve processing efficiency and quality.
  • Full Service – Our service doesn’t stop at fabrication, we also carry out painting and finishing in-house.
  • Fast Turnarounds – Our 4000 sqm factory is based in Mascot, and we deliver Sydney-wide.

Support the Australian Economy

When you choose to work with a local steel fabricator, you also help to strengthen the local economy. Australia has a rich history of working with steel, but without local support our industry is at risk of collapse. This would leave thousands of Australians out of work, and it would also result in the permanent loss of key skills and vital capabilities. This would make it incredibly difficult (if not impossible) for large construction projects to be sourced locally.

The benefits of supporting local industry include:

  • Job growth and apprenticeship opportunities for all Australians
  • Funds reinvested into the local economy, community groups and development projects
  • Knowledge transfer to the next generation of steel fabricators
  • Helping to mitigate the effects of rising production costs, taxes and offshore competition to establish a more competitive steel industry

The Bottom Line

It never makes sense to cut corners when it comes to construction. Not only will you be putting the safety of future occupants at risk, but also all the construction staff working on site. Today’s home buyers and building managers expect value for money and a structurally sound building, and this just cannot be guaranteed if you opt for inferior steel products which may not meet Australian standards.

As Sydney’s leading steel fabricator, Mascot Steel are bound by strict quality guidelines and a commitment to providing a quality product at a reasonable price. Save yourself the hassle of costly repairs and safety issues and make us your first port of call for all your steel fabrication needs. We look forward to serving you.