Why Steel is the Most Cost-Effective Choice for Construction

By superadmin on July 15, 2020 in Blog

Across the globe, construction of new commercial and residential infrastructure is at an all-time high– and so too are the prices of materials, labour rates, insurance and taxes. When commencing a building project, construction firms always have the budget in mind. Whilst it may be tempting to opt for lower cost materials and labour, this could compromise the longevity of your project and lead to further problems down the line. It’s important to think long term, and at Mascot Steel we believe that steel is the right choice for construction firms due to its remarkable strength, durability, ease of maintenance, enviro-friendly qualities, resistance to environmental conditions and contaminants and customizability.


What makes steel superior to alternative building materials?

Steel as a building material has been used in commercial construction since the late 1800’s, and to date there has not been any building material which can surpass the benefits of steel. Whilst some building projects are making use of new materials such as engineered timber and metal composites, these materials come at a significantly higher price and, like everything, have their pros and cons. Whilst these materials show promise, they are simply not viable in their current state for major projects due to the cost of manufacture.

It is interesting to note that whilst wood framing was favoured in residential builds in the past, steel is growing rapidly in popularity due to its durability, fire and termite-resistant properties. Whether carrying out residential or commercial builds, construction firms are far better off opting for a proven, durable, and affordable building material – there is simply no better choice than steel.


Where is Steel Used?

Steel and stainless steel is used in just about every part of a building, to name just a few:

  • Exterior cladding
  • Handrails
  • Counter tops
  • Building facades
  • Roofing
  • Bridges
  • Wall supports
  • Fire safety doors
  • Framing

When opting for steel (or stainless steel) the builder and building occupants will be working with a familiar material which not only looks great but also lasts the distance, is easy to maintain, can be polished if desired, can be customised/shaped according to needs, can be recycled and will offer resistance to corrosion and contaminants.


How Steel Saves Businesses Money

Building a residential or commercial structure is no easy feat, and your business reputation relies on delivering a quality, long lasting build. It may be tempting to utilise alternative materials, but they may prove to be too costly to maintain, fail prematurely, weigh significantly more or be difficult to customise. This could end up costing a business more money and time down the track, so it simply is not worth the compromise. Whilst using steel in construction may not be the cheapest upfront, it offers long term benefits which cannot be matched by any other material. It will last the distance and look great for many years to come, and whether you are a construction firm or building occupant you will have no regrets about opting for steel.


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