The Importance of Deburring in Steel Fabrication

By superadmin on January 19, 2020 in Blog

Deburring and finishing are two of the most critical aspects of steel fabrication, and it’s a process which most people outside of the industry are unfamiliar with. At Mascot Steel we take great pride in the quality of our workmanship, and this is reflected in the precision finished products we deliver to our customers. Burrs are unsightly and can negatively affect the performance and appearance of your steel, and as such they should be removed by your fabricator prior to delivery.  In this blog post, we will be shedding some light on the deburring process and why it is so important.

What are burrs?

The machining process leaves behind unsightly, rough ‘burr’ like material on metal components. Burrs are clearly visible deposits of metal upon the work surface, and they can vary in size from microscopic to clearly visible.

There are two different categories of burrs:

  • Mechanical Burrs – these burrs arise following fabrication techniques such as folding, shearing and stamping.
  • Thermal Burrs – these burrs arise following the application of heat, such as during laser cutting.

There is no way to avoid metal burrs, as they are a natural part of the metal fabrication process.

Why are burrs of concern?

Aside from being unsightly, burrs also present a safety risk. Burrs can be very sharp, making it unsafe for fabricators and customers to handle the material due to risk of cuts. Even if protective gloves are worn, small shards of metal can still penetrate the protective layer and enter the skin.

The metal burr may also fragment, which could have devastating impacts on industries if fragments were to end up inside a commercial product. This is also true for the medical industry, where precision surgical tools which have not been deburred could harbour bacteria and potentially cause internal damage to patients.

No matter which industry the finished product will be used in, it is critical that burrs are removed to ensure personal safety and safe handling/use of the material.

Options for Deburring

There are many ways to go about deburring a metal surface, including both human and mechanical methods. The process used will depend on the type of metal as well as the size of the burrs.

Mascot Steel are precision steel fabricators, and we pay close attention to detail at every stage of your project. Following fabrication, we may use the following deburring techniques:

  • Manual Deburring – A team member will identify and remove burrs using sandpaper and specialist tools, keeping in mind the desired finish.
  • Machine Deburring – Machine deburring is an efficient way to smooth out jagged and sharp edges after metal has been cut. This process is often used prior to manual deburring, in order to make the material safer to handle. Machines can help metal fabricators achieve a smooth finish through vibration, rolling and sandblasting.
  • High-Pressure Deburring – Using high pressure water jets up to 10,000psi can assist in the removal of burrs and contaminants whilst also cleaning the surface. This is an environmentally friendly process.
  • Chemical Deburring – Specially formulated chemicals can be used to target small burrs without damaging the metal materials integrity or quality of finish.

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