Stainless Steel – Sustainable and Long Lasting

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Stainless steel (SS) is one of the most durable materials on the market, and it is considered to be a sustainable one. No matter whether you opt for stainless, mild, galvanised or carbon steel; it remains a fantastic choice for commercial and residential construction, the manufacture of vehicles, architecture, public art displays and a wide assortment of industries. One of the biggest benefits of stainless steel is that it uses little energy in its production, and the end of its life cycle it can be recycled to produce new steel. Many of the by-products associated with the manufacture of SS also find use within other industries.  Below we will share why SS is a sustainable, eco-friendly choice for any project.

What Makes Steel Sustainable?

With the population of the world rising at a rapid rate, it is important that steps are taken to reduce fossil fuel emissions and recycle wherever possible. There is only a finite amount of iron ore available on earth, and mining practices can be particularly intensive. The good news however is that stainless steel is endlessly recyclable, and around 80% of input materials for steel production are made up of scrap SS. The news gets even better, as recycled stainless steel is no less strong or durable.

The steel industry is committed to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and through adopting sustainable practices, steel now far exceeds the recycling rates for other materials such as aluminium, wood and paper.

Here are 5 reasons why SS is a sustainable, eco-friendly choice:

  • Exceptional Strength and Durability – this means your building or project will last longer, look better and you’ll use less materials too.
  • Endlessly Recyclable – at the end of its life, scrap SS can be reclaimed and turned into new steel whilst retaining its strength and durability.
  • Low Energy Production – whilst power and electricity is used in the manufacture and fabrication of SS, it is significantly less than alternative materials. Much of the water is also recycled.
  • Waste Products Reclaimable – by-products and waste associated with steel production such as gases and CO2 are re-used for the manufacture of new steel, or other applications such as the carbonation of sparkling beverages.
  • Non-Toxic – SS is nontoxic, meaning it is safe for use by humans and will not harm the environment. It does not leach any chemicals.

Applications for Residual Products

Various industries make use of the residual products associated with SS manufacture. The residual products left behind include slag, dust/sludge from flue gas purification, mill scale, shavings and filings, ferric chloride, zinc, sulphur, tar, benzene and more. The vast majority of these find a use either internally or within other industries, with only around 20% going to landfill. Those involved in the SS industry are committed to reducing waste wherever possible, and research into the utilisation of residual products is ongoing to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Some of these uses/industries include:

Metal Industry – Raw materials are reclaimed and used in the manufacture of new products.

Construction Industry – The construction industry uses fill materials and slag to produce railroad ballast, road fill and cement.

Agriculture – Slag is used to create ground improvement materials and surfaces for horse riding.

Technology and Electronics – Ferrites arising after mixing and firing iron oxide are used in the manufacture of electrical devices.

Chemical Production – Raw materials and by products are used to produce fertiliser and chemicals.

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