Stainless Steel – 5 Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known

By superadmin on July 16, 2019 in Blog

Stainless steel (SS) is the most widely used metal material in the world, and at Mascot Steel we are passionate about providing the best product we possibly can so that our valued customers can meet their project goals. SS is not only found within our homes and offices, but also within our cars, watches, computers, commercial kitchens and so much more. It’s easy to forget just how valuable stainless steel is to the functioning of our everyday lives, but where would we be without it?

Stainless steel is anything but boring, it actually has quite a fascinating history behind it. Next time you find yourself marvelling at an interesting building or working directly with stainless steel, consider the following facts.

Discovered in 1913

Stainless steel was discovered in 1913, when Harry Brearley was attempting to create a stronger material for the manufacture of weapons. Corrosion was a major issue with weapons at the time (particularly for gun barrels), but he observed that 12.8% chromium steel with 0.24% carbon did not corrode throughout the duration of his experiment.  As such, Harry Brearley is largely credited for the creation of the first stainless steel on 13th August 1913.

Stainless Steel Can be Magnetic

Ever tried to stick a magnet to a SS appliance or structure and been disappointed when it didn’t work? You are not alone. Whilst the vast majority of SS is non-magnetic, it IS possible to make stainless steel magnetic by opting for a ferritic structure rather than austenitic. Austenitic SS offers improved high-temp durability and corrosion resistance. However; if being able to place magnets on your SS appliance or project piece is important to you, then you should check to make sure it is ferritic. Ferritic SS will have a high iron and chromium content, with little nickel.

Used in the Construction of Famous Buildings

SS is loved by architects as it offers endless creative potential, and it has been used in the creation of some of the most memorable and awe inspiring buildings and structures in the world, including the Chrysler Building in New York, The Kelpies in Scotland, the Gateway Arch in Missouri and even within our very own Sydney Opera House. Check out some images of these famous SS buildings here. SS sheets are highly malleable, making it the perfect material for artists, architects and engineers looking to push creative boundaries.

100% Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly to Produce

One of the best things about SS is the fact that it is recyclable. At the end of its service life, up to 92% of stainless steel can be reclaimed and used in the creation of new stainless and carbon steel. When you purchase stainless steel, you can expect approximately 60% to be made up of recycled content. SS is also one of the more environmentally friendly metals to produce. Two big ticks for SS and the future of our planet!

It Deodorizes

Ever wondered how to go about getting that garlic aroma out of your hands? Soap just doesn’t quite seem to do the job, but did you ever think about using stainless steel? Garlic contains vast amounts of sulfur molecules which rub off on your skin. When they come in contact with water, the sulfur turns into sulfuric acid and the aroma increases in intensity. Forget about water, try rubbing your hand against your SS tap or another SS surface and you may be surprised at the results. SS molecules will bind with the sulfur molecules, removing all trace of the smell from your hands.

Mascot Steel – the SS Experts

SS is an incredible metal with a fascinating history and wide variety of uses. We hope you learned an interesting new fact about SS, and if you have any further questions or would like to arrange a quote for SS fabrication please get in touch with us today – we look forward to assisting you.