Laser Cutting – What are the Benefits?

By superadmin on June 21, 2021 in Blog

There are a myriad of uses for stainless steel, but when precision is of the utmost importance you will want to consider either laser cutting or plasma cutting. These remarkable technologies have become commonplace in modern steel production, and they enable fabricators to create incredibly precise metal products efficiently and with minimal waste. These processes are ideal for industrial projects, for example the creation of drain channel fittings and grates, in addition to signage and architectural features. With laser and plasma cutting, the possibilities are endless. In this blog post, Mascot Steel will be sharing some insight into these processes and why they are the right choice for your next project.


The Benefits of Laser Metal Cutting

A great metal fabrication outcome is only possible when your project is handled by a competent metal cutter using high-quality tools. With more than 40+ years’ experience and a commitment to quality, the team at Mascot Steel are capable of handling projects big and small.

As you may know, steel sheet metal can be delicate and requires close attention to be paid throughout the fabrication process. This is especially true during the heating process, which in some cases can lead to warping, scraping or cracking. Laser metal cutting helps to minimise the risk of damage whilst ensuring efficient, reliable, and quick results. This means that you as the customer benefit from faster production times and lower costs.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth considering laser metal cutting:

  • Precise – Equipped with the latest technologies and software, Mascot Steel are able to produce exceptionally smooth and clean results. Laser technology is so precise that additional production is rarely necessary after cutting is complete. This helps to speed up the fabrication process whilst ensuring consistent and cost-effective results for our customers.
  • Variable Metal Thickness – Laser metal cutters can be used on sheet metal of varying thickness up to a maximum of around 1.5” thick.
  • Minimal Tooling – With the latest software and easy programming, it is possible to cut various metal types and thicknesses with speed and ease. This helps to ensure minimal tooling, saving valuable time.
  • Reduced Waste – Laser and plasma cutters help to reduce waste whilst increasing production efficiency.
  • Repeatability – If you ever need another part, rest assured that it will be as close to an exact replica as possible within +/- 0.05mm of the part being replaced.

Industries Which Utilise Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is appropriate for a wide range of industries, but it is particularly beneficial for the following:

  • Marine Industry – due to its corrosion resistance, stainless steel is heavily used throughout the marine industry. Lift and boarding equipment can be produced quickly and efficiently for both large and small boats.
  • Architectural Industry – architecturally exposed structural steel is being used as a design feature due to its aesthetic appeal and ease of production. With high strength, low maintenance, corrosion resistance and various finishes available, stainless steel is ideal for your next project. Architects appreciate the ability to produce complex shapes and profiles with clean lines and welds which are almost invisible.
  • Electronics Industry – intricate computer parts and electronics are laser cut, helping to reduce the size of the end product.
  • Automotive Industry – laser cutting is used at various stages of automobile manufacture to ensure a reliable, safe end product for consumers.
  • Aerospace Industry – used to manufacture multiple design iterations in a short timeframe, along with thousands of parts/components such as combustor liners and cans with a perfect finish.
  • Medical Industry – laser cutting is used to create intricately designed medical devices with the ability to save lives.



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