Four Sectors of Construction and How They Utilise Steel

By superadmin on August 15, 2021 in Blog

The construction industry in Australia generates more than $360 billion in revenue per annum, so it’s safe to say that construction is a booming industry and important part of the Australian economy. The construction industry relies on steel suppliers and fabricators to produce quality products that can meet stringent design criteria, and here at Mascot Steel we are proud to work with some of the nation’s leading contractors. With project managers, architects and construction engineers all playing a role within the process, it is critical that schedules are met, and the materials supplied are safe and functional. There are four different sectors of construction, and in this blog post we will be sharing some insight into their processes and the ways they utilise steel.


The Four Sectors of Construction


  1. Residential Construction (Housing)

Housing comes in many forms, ranging from free standing homes to apartment buildings, duplexes, villas, retirement homes, student housing and tiny homes. No matter whether a home is big or small, steel is usually a major component of the design. Engineers and architects go to great lengths to ensure the homes they design are comfortable, durable and sustainably designed to suit the needs of the future occupants. Once the plans have been finalised, a team of builders and subcontractors (including electricians, plumbers, carpenters and more) will be called in to complete the works. Steel can be used in place of wood for wall framing, but it is also used for trusses and floor joists, concrete foundations (to increase strength), steel columns and floor bearers for raised homes, and for roofing. Without steel, residential homes would not be as durable as they are today.


  1. Commercial Construction

Modern public buildings are architecturally impressive. Think of your local school, university, shopping centre, sports stadium, hospital or cinema complex and you can likely recall spending many happy moments there with family and friends. These buildings take years of planning and the collective input of construction companies, engineers and contractors to become reality. Whether these projects are privately funded or government funded, no expense is spared to ensure the completed structure will be functional and well regarded by members of the public. For commercial construction, steel is used for framing as well as architectural elements which add visual appeal to the design such as stainless beam, stainless channel and stainless tube. Commercial projects are always a challenge, but steel fabricators are proud to play a role in assisting construction companies achieve their goals.



  1. Industrial Construction

Hydroelectric facilities, oil refineries, dams and solar power plants are some of the more common types of specialised industrial construction. These highly specialised projects require expert technical skill in their planning, design and construction. Large construction companies will usually be called in to carry out the works, along with electrical, civil and mechanical engineers to ensure everything is compliant and functional. Steel binds well with concrete and has remarkable strength, so these large-scale industrial works will stand the test of time and serve the population reliably for many years to come.


  1. Major Infrastructure Construction

We all rely on infrastructure for transportation of goods, people, power, waste, water and even our internet connection. Infrastructure improves our everyday lives and enables easy access to essential goods and services which we often take for granted. This type of construction utilises a significant amount of steel, and you can find it in everything from railroad tracks through to power poles, waste management, communication lines and more. This type of construction can be funded by private organisations such as Telstra or government agencies, but in almost all cases they are done to benefit the public.


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