Five Reasons to opt for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

By superadmin on May 19, 2021 in Blog

Whilst many building materials can be picked off the shelf, some projects require custom sheet metal fabrication in order to meet specific criteria including longevity, adaptability, strength, use of salvaged materials and more. Whilst opting for readymade sheet metal may initially appear to be the most cost-effective option, in many cases this could end up costing your business more money and negatively affect your project outcomes. If you want the best chance of delivering a high-quality project that meets the exacting specifications of your client, then rest assured custom work is the way to go. In this blog post, Mascot Steel will be highlighting five reasons to opt for custom sheet metal fabrication. 


5 Top Reasons to opt for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication


  • Longevity


If you want your project to stand the test of time, then custom work is ideal for you as the sheet metal will be fabricated to suit your intended use. A prefabricated product is likely to deteriorate much faster as they are made to suit all purposes, and the manufacturing standards are often much lower. Working with a high quality, trusted fabricator such as Mascot Steel gives you the assurance that your sheet metal will be made to a high standard and of a grade capable of resisting harsh environmental and chemical forces that may be present. We work according to your project requirements, and we’re always happy to offer professional advice to ensure you get the best possible results.


  • Adapted to Your Needs


Every project is different, and not everyone will have the compatible tools for prefabricated products. You can get around this issue by engaging a metal fabrication specialist who can accommodate your hardware options and exacting specifications. Whilst some industries may be able to get away with prefabricated sheet metal housings (e.g., the IT industry, which make use of standardised housing sizes for hard drives), this is not always possible. Custom work can make for a more seamless project, as sheet metal and other metal products will be cut and shaped to size and compatible with the hardware you have at your disposal. 


  • Strong and Durable


If strength and durability are a priority, you should avoid prefabricated sheet metal which may break easily or be a hassle to work with. Custom made sheet metal is designed to be strong and durable whilst still being lightweight, so it will not only look the part but also be easy to work with and remain functional for many years to come. Sheet metal can also withstand harsh environmental conditions such as prolonged rain and UV rays, making it ideal for use outdoors. 


  • Keep Older Equipment in Service


Sometimes it simply isn’t possible to source replacement parts for older equipment, as it has long since gone out of production. But with custom sheet metal fabrication you can keep your equipment in service and avoid needing to shell out for a replacement. Custom metalworkers are able to reliably engineer the parts you require, saving you time and money and keeping your older machinery in operation for many more years to come. 


  • Fast Turnaround


When it comes to your project, we understand that time is of the essence. Working with an established and experienced fabricator such as Mascot Steel will result in a fast turnaround, with orders being made to specification and shipped immediately to you upon completion. 


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