A Guide to Identifying Inferior Steel Piping

By superadmin on September 30, 2020 in Blog

Steel pipes play an important role in construction projects, particularly those involving the transportation of water and gas. Quality steel piping is remarkably durable, being able to withstand high pressure and heat and lasting up to 100 years before needing to be replaced. These qualities make it ideal for use in both commercial and residential plumbing and gas lines. When searching for a steel fabricator in Sydney, you will want to partner with someone with a proven track record and a commitment to quality. Inferior steel piping may compromise the integrity of your project and could lead to ongoing problems in the future. Steel piping produced by Mascot Steel is made with great care and must meet our strict quality standards.  Partner with Mascot Steel and rest assured your project will last the distance, as we produce steel piping which is precise, consistent and reliable.

Here is a brief guide to help you identify inferior steel piping, so that you can avoid making a costly mistake.

Common Indicators of Inferior Steel Piping

Clearly Visible Folding

Inferior steel piping may exhibit folding, which is an immediate indicator that this is a low quality and inferior piece of steel. Folding can be seen by looking longitudinally through the pipe. If you notice this you should reject it as the pipe will be more prone to bending, eventually causing a crack to occur along the fold. If you want reliable long-term performance from your steel piping, you need to ensure the steel has the strength to cope with decades of service. Avoid any steel piping with a fold in it, as this will have significantly decreased strength and only lead to problems down the line.


Pits may seem like a small defect, but nonetheless they do decrease the strength of your steel pipe. It shows that not enough care was taken during the manufacturing process, with the result being an uneven surface. A smooth finish is what every reputable steel fabricator should aim for.

Steel Piping which is Easily Scratched

Steel is not especially scratch resistant, but inferior grade steel pipes will scratch more easily than quality steel. The marks left behind will be clearly visible. If it is easy to leave a deep scratch in your steel piping, this is not a good sign as it will result in a reduced service life due to reduced strength.

Oval Shaped Piping

Manufacturers which lack care and attention to detail may rush and/or neglect the rolling process, causing the pipe to take on an oval rather than round shape. Quality steel pipe should always be round, as abnormal shaping can affect the way water or gas flows through the pipes.

The Magnet Test

Some unscrupulous manufacturers try to fool the end consumer by producing piping made of aluminium which has been painted to look like stainless steel. To test whether you have a genuine piece of steel piping or a fake, you can use the magnet test. Place the magnet against the pipe, if it sticks, it is likely you have a piece of steel piping. If you have got fake aluminium piping, the magnet will not stick.


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