Universal Beam 530mm x 82.0kg/m

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Universal Beam is a structural section used for support in construction. Mascot Steel + Tools can cut beams to size.

 Weight per Metre:  82.0kg/m
 External Surface Area per Metre:  1.85 m²/m
 Depth of Section (w):  528mm
 Flange Width (d):  209mm
 Flange Thickness:  13.2mm
 Web Thickness:  9.6mm
Depth Between Flanges: 502mm
Shape Structural Steel
Type Universal Beam
Dimensions 528 x 209mm 530UB82KG
Standard Length As available m
Thickness Flange thickness 13.2mm, Web thickness 9.6mm
Galvanised No
Usage Support, construction
 528 x 209mm 530UB82KG