Trench Mesh Ligatures

Trench Mesh Ligatures are supports for trench mesh.

Our stock ligatures are made from 6mm Rebar, but 10mm ligatures can be made to order.

All ligatures come in bundles of 10.

The following sizes are available:
100 x 400mm
150 x 200mm
150 x 300mm
150 x 400mm
200 x 200mm
200 x 250mm
200 x 300mm
200 x 400mm
250 x 250mm
250 x 300mm
250 x 400mm
300 x 300mm
300 x 350mm
300 x 400mm
Shape Concrete Reinforcing
Type Concrete Accessories
Dimensions Various sizes
Standard Length N/A
Thickness 6mm (10mm made to order)
Galvanised No
Usage Supports for trench mesh
 Various sizes